Dressing Up

My name Nellie Bryant I was born and raised in South Carolina, and moved to NYC many years ago. I had many different jobs before I started working for a telephone company. After I retired from the company, I worked for New York Foundling Mother and Child Care. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, I felt like getting dressed up and walking around in my house. My first outfit is a black and white hat and a two piece white suit. My second outfit is a white hat and a black two piece suit.

I joined the Castle Hill Senior Center to have somewhere to go. I enjoy being active and doing different things like making latch hook rugs and pillows. I also started helping with the lunch service at the Senior Center and communicating with the people there. Since COVID-19, I miss all of that. 

Meat all gone at the grocery store. 

The sunset view outside of my window.

This is latch hook rug I did of a horse at the senior center and I enjoyed doing it. 

Mark and Luchrista Richardson are my great grandparents. My grandfather was a Bishop in the Methodist Church, he loved his family.  

White hat and a two piece black suit and I enjoyed getting dressed up.  

This picture of my grandmother was taken in the late 1950’s- she had a stroke from the time I knew her, but she was the best and the most loving grandmother you could find. My nephew is about 8 years old in this picture.  My aunt and I were on vacation in Hawaii. I loved to travel with her because she was a lot of fun.

This is my grandmother Mary Huger and my brother when he was in Vietnam, and my loving aunt Nellie Huger. 

A different outfit.

This is a blanket I am making for my niece's birthday in August. 

The wind split the branch on the tree during a high wind rainstorm.

I am sitting on the balcony with a black and white hat and two piece white suit.

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