The Healing Election 

This year my project focuses on the 2020 Presidential Election. I have never followed the election before, as I did this year. After the 2016 presidential election, Trump won by the electoral college vote, not the popular vote. It was a wake up call for me. I needed to be more involved and educated on the election process of our country. I did not know election terms, such as the Electoral College, GOP, filibuster, and executive action. Prior to the 2020 election year, I made it a point to learn and research these systems and understand how my vote could make a difference.

Each election year is different, but this one was very important to us. It was to remove Trump from the White House. He was never for our Nation, but only for himself. The past four years he sympathized and rallied with hate groups in the open with his blessing. When the COVID-19 virus hit our nation, Trump played it down while the death count hit 400,000 on the last day of his presidency. He left us to care for each other.

We did it. After campaigning all throughout your presidency, being impeached twice, and an insurrection that tried to stop the count of the Electoral College votes: Trump you are out, you are fired. Biden and Harris can now start to heal our Nation. When the vaccine started rolling out in the Bronx, it was the start of a better future. I was the first in my family to be vaccinated, the other family members followed. Now we are ready to get back to traveling and cruising. 

I have cruised 368 days on 38 ships since 2003 but in 2020 it came to a stop because of the shut down. Now, I have to remember my past trips by reviewing my cruise pictures and craft market collections. I would rather be cruising than home watching TV but I'm packed and ready for when cruising is open again.

Each day now is a blessing. Slow down and smell the Roses.

Great change comes slowly but it does happen.

It's happening we only need 30 more Electoral College votes.

The election has passed now to the healing future.

On January 6th, 2021  Trump’s supporters went to the capital to stop the counting of votes "shouting  stop the steal".

Goodbye Trump, you are out of the White House.

Faith removes limitations.

Little girls, look at our first woman American VP. This can be your future or greater.

Out the window into a new day.

 The world looks on to a new future.

Reviewing past cruise pictures on my bed.

I would rather be cruising than at home watching tv.

My first cruise dinner picture overlooking my planning desk.

I'm packed and ready for my next cruise.

The field of American flags in Washington D.C. for each grandma, grandpa, mother, father, sister, brother, son and daughter we lost to the COVID-19 virus.

Going forward into the future, remembering to slow down and smell the roses.

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