Soundview Park

My name is Deborah LeDeatte. I’m from The Bronx. I live in the Bronx. My mom, daughter, and her family also live in The Bronx. All my other family live in various states. My hobbies are jogging and Zumba. I have a new found love for photography as of 2019. During this pandemic photography has kept my mind off all the chaos in the world. Soundview park is where I am 6 days out of the week during this pandemic. The park was empty. Silence which was something I’ve never experienced. This is why I chose to take photographs of Soundview park 2021. People are on the track again. I’ve gone back to the track, still nervous. But I lace my sneakers up and walk with the Lord. I’m so happy to see people again.

Snowy Soundview park from my window.

My sneakers before going to Soundview Park.

Beautiful surroundings.

Welcome to Soundview Park. 

My first day on the track in one year.

Leaves creating shadows on the pavement. 

Springtime landscape.

Dogs need exercise too.

Man sitting in the landscape.

Nature at it's best.

Childless Park in the springtime.

Roses in bloom.

Light in a pandemic.

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