In 1994, my family left the Dominican Republic for New York City. Now, I spend my time participating in photography with the Bronx Senior Photo League and doting on my grandchildren.

I have always been interested in the arts. This year I learned to better understand my camera, and make better photos. Photography has a lot of power and an even richer history. I like to capture buildings, landscapes, flowers, animals, people, and objects because they have a deep meaning to me.

This pandemic made me see life in a different way. As a survivor, I am more optimistic and I am thankful to God for giving me the opportunity to be alive, to be patient, healthy, and to keep learning every day. 

Light comes through the curtains in my living room. New York, NY. April 2021. 

Photo of me at my graduation.

Family portrait with my daughters and granddaughters.

A photo of my daughter Marianda, who passed away. I keep this remembrance of her life on my bedroom bureau. New York, NY. 2021.

Celebrating my daughter Zuleica’s birthday with a homemade cake in my apartment. New York, NY. 2021.

I was impressed by the snow and the beautiful lights of the buildings in my neighborhood. I took the photo out of my apartment window around 7PM. New York, NY. 2021.  

My reflection in the mirror of my closet. I was experimenting with a new photographic technique. New York, NY. April 2021. 

I liked the American flag and the way the sunlight filtered through the bars of the ferris wheel. Atlantic City, NJ. April 2021. 

The architecture of the buildings at City Hall caught my attention. New York, NY. April 2021.

The waiting room in the Metropolitan Hospital. New York, NY. March 2021.

Varied nature. I was attracted to the colors of the flowers, the trees, and the grass. New York Botanical Garden, Bronx, NY. April 2021. 

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