I started to explore photography about two and a half years ago, although I have always been interested in it. I was born in Nicaragua but now I live in Manhattan.

Having a very active social life, I like to take my camera everywhere. I photograph parties, social events, family gatherings, and the people that attend them. I also like to capture nature, and architecture with interesting structure and design.

Using the techniques and knowledge I learned this year, my photography improved. I especially learned the importance of having a purpose before taking a photo. When my BSPL classmate and friend Lidia sat in this beautiful cascading light, I thought it was a perfect moment to document her first vaccination shot. This year, I immersed myself in self-portraiture and still life. I am extremely grateful and happy to have been able to continue this wonderful and stimulating class.

When I was young, I dreamed about having my own camera to take photos. I enjoyed looking at the photos after being developed. When my son was born, I got the chance to buy a Kodak camera and to take my own photos. Nowadays, with more knowledge about the subject, I enjoy photography even more. 

Lidia De Mota receives her second COVID-19 vaccine dose. South Bronx, NY. February 2021.

My left hand, opened, near a lamp at home. New York, NY. April 2021. 

My reflection in a mirror at home. New York, NY. March 2021. 

A cake covered with jello. It was an interesting opportunity to take a photo in a friend’s apartment. South Bronx, NY. February 2021. 

Self-portrait in my home. Manhattan, NY. May 2021.

My husband Stephen at his daughter’s home. Elmsford, NY. May 2021.

My shadow walking on the street in front of my apartment building. New York, NY. March 2021. 

My feet while at Mary Ann’s Place store. Manhattan, NY. January 2021.

A landscape. It looks like a shell. Atlantic City, NJ. April 2021. 

A subway station by Walton High School where I received my first COVID-19 vaccination. Bronx, NY. February 2021.

An amazing sunset from the corner of Immaculate Conception Church. Bronx, NY. May 2021.

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