Protect Each Other, Protect the Environment

Through this global pandemic wearing a mask was and still is a life saving responsibility for each one of us. During this time our emotions were challenged whether we should wear a mask or not. People’s tempers flared when confronted if they were not wearing a mask and often the results ended in violence. As I walked in the streets among masked people I really missed seeing a friendly smile but a nod of the head made me happy. Soon the mask became a fashion statement. Different designs and colored masks could be seen everywhere on people’s and children’s faces. My concern now is what will happen to our environment, the oceans, parks, beaches, rivers, and streets when the pandemic is over and the masks become waste?

A mask on the ground covered in pollen at Pugsley Creek park in the Bronx 2021.

After a snow storm on 2/19/2021. The beauty that was left behind during the COVID 19 pandemic in the Bronx.

My neighbor, although he was vaccinated for the  COVID-19 virus, still wears his American flag proudly. 

Using COVID 19 masks, I created this beautiful flower to pass the time in my apartment. 2021.

Fashion statement. A woman wearing her COVID-19 mask.

Masks. Life saving masks becoming trash littering sidewalks and grass in my neighborhood in the Bronx 2021. 

 The river at the Pugsley Creek park in the Bronx at low tide in the morning, maybe at high tide it might bring used masks from other places into our lovely river.

I was bored so I put a COVID 19 mask on my stuffed toy named Boo-Boo during the pandemic of 2020. Made me smile all day.

I feel mask wearing is very uncomfortable, but it's urgent to wear a mask because we are protecting ourselves and others from the COVID 19 virus.

Metamorphosis of dandelion flowers. Bronx 2021.

My daughter with an expression of joy and thanksgiving to see her father and me after vaccination of the COVID-19 virus in 2021.

Masks on lamps, an odd place to store my COVID 19  mask where it was always visible.

My husband thinks that wearing a mask is urgent to save his life and others during this pandemic.

Mother nature is beautiful and is perfect in its own way Pugsley Creek park in the Bronx 2021.

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