Mother Nature and My Hands at Work

Covid-19 took a toll on our life.  My life outdoors became a life indoors and everything got turned around. Our walks were limited to early morning, Jessica’s programs were cancelled, senior centers closed and all social activities stopped. We simply had to enjoy each other's company.  I have an adult daughter with disabilities, making it more difficult to go outside. My daughter Jessica could not understand why everything closed down and why we had to stay away from family and friends. Due to her not understanding, it  made explaining so difficult that we had to refrain from leaving the house unless it was for appointments or food shopping. Adapting to the pandemic has been a truly hard lesson for her to learn. As mother of a disabled adult, a four legged son and potted children (plants), I decided to document my love and dedication to them and show what my life is all about.

Jessica and I have always been  close, but since the pandemic she often keeps far from me.  Spending time with her peers at program and going away from her home mean a lot her, but one on one time with me... she wasn't having it. We finally learned to work together in my indoor garden, cooking, baking, cleaning the house, coloring, painting, dancing and exercising.

My indoor garden and I became very close during the pandemic. I love caring for it and often wish it were an outdoor garden.  I always talk to my plants but now I catch myself singing to them. I make sure they get misted and watered every morning, that they are in the proper spot for sunlight. The way they adorn my living space has helped staying home bearable.

Mother Nature inspires me to view my actual surroundings. I nourish my family as I nourish my plants, as water nourishes the earth. The love of my family, indoor garden and my pet made my view of mother earth very rewarding. Life itself is so beautiful that there is nothing in nature  that cannot be admired. Living things are what I consider true art.   "LIFE"

"Starlight, star bright, first start I see tonight." It reminds me of the peace our Earth should see and feel.

Admiring my new air plants and wondering how and where to place them.

Enjoying the view through my window. What I would love to enjoy in reality is freedom to walk down the street.

My daughter briefly stopped so that I could take this picture in front of this beautiful tree.

Nature has its ways, while my cactus didn't bloom for Christmas she surely did bloom at Easter.

Capturing our peaceful and happy Sunday before heading out to church.

An angelic moon and a beautiful blue sky is what I love to see everywhere I go.

Romeo at Papa's house anxiously waiting for me to say it's time to go home.

I was wondering what the day will bring forth and what I would do, seems lonely.

A reminder of the beauty nature has for us. 

While I was having a brisk walk, I saw a roses through a fence and decided to photograph it.

Although without color, there is great love and unity between my daughter, potted children and I as we care for what nature has brought forth in our lives, "Life".

Togetherness. My daughter and I with the beauty of nature has to offer is what keeps us so united.

Surrounding myself with my plants reminds me of the enjoyment of being outdoors enjoying nature.

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