Rainbow of Talent

My name is Gregory Sumlin and I am 67 years old. I have been taking photos since high school, over fifty years ago. I used to carry around my camera like women carry their shoulder bag today. I am a 10 year retired NYC Correction Officer with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Lehman College in the Bronx. A few jobs from my past work history are consumer electronic trainer and sales manager, bank accounts receivable clerk, bank teller and high school math tutor. My hobbies include fishing, bowling, sewing men’s clothing, mens and women’s jewelry making and finally photography. I have been a member of the Castle Hill Senior Photography class for three semesters. Photography is a never ending learning experience. 

Taking pictures during the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t sparked my interest. Due to all the mass media's flooding the news channels with videos of racist killings, police brutality cases, thousands of infected and deaths from COVID-19 of the elderly and health challenged individuals, the tear gassing of peaceful protesters and watching our political leadership simply ignore the chaotic changes to American way of life, I did not feel inspired to photograph during this time. I did take a few photos of what I like doing while being confined at home to forget the nightmare that this country is going through.

Crystal In The Shadow                       

This crystal liquor decanter was just sitting on a shelf in my living room and as the sun rose that morning, the light hit the crystal decanter and the stone wall creating this soothing play of light and shadow.


What you see in this photo is my wife throwing the bouquet out to all the single ladies on the dance floor at my wedding reception at the SAVOY MANOR IN 1977. What I want bring your attention to is the lady jumping in the white dress located at the left bottom corner of the photo. She is only 5 feet tall. BOY!!!!! Can she jump!


This picture is of our parents and other family members at our wedding reception at the Savoy Manor in 1977.  

Red Flower

The Blue Water Resort in Nassau was flooded with colorful plant life. But in 2018 hurricane IRMA washed them all away. 

The Cat in the Hat

I love to wear hats. They remind me of places I’ve been and the good times I had. So during the stay at home recommendations of the nations doctors and the government . I pulled out my hats and wondered when we will be free to make more memories.

Something To Do 

During the first three months of the stay at home/lock down phase of  COVID-19. I remodel my kitchen single handedly. 

Jewelry making.

Reflections of Where I Want to Be

This is a photo of the reflection of palm trees and the villas in the pool at the Blue Water Resort during a vacation in Nassau, Bahamas in 2016. 

Ready to Party

This picture of my son and I were waiting to start his birthday party in my home. You can see who was ready for this photo before the celebration.

Just the Two of Us

This picture of a loving mother and son taking a dip into the pool at the Rockin' Horse Ranch;  located in the Catskills in upstate New York. Their tight hug and big smile was not only showing you they were having a good time but neither knew how to swim and they were relieved that steps to get out the pool was close by. 

A Rainbow of Talent

 One of my hobbies is making men's and women jewelry. I shot this photo of one of my designs with rainbow light coming from my living room window one morning.

The End of Paradise

This photo was taken on  Cable Beach, Nassau Bahamas, on the last night of my vacation there. It reminded  me of what a great time I had and that my trip to paradise was to end as the sun faded into the clouds.

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