COVID-19 Pandemic Through My Windows

Gloria joined the Bronx Senior Photo League classes at Castle Hill Senior Center in October 2019. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Gloria transitioned to remote learning, receiving the lessons by text and speaking over the phone. Gloria continued creating a photography project focused on her experience during COVID-19. She documented the different variations of sunlight as it traveled through her apartment while having to stay home. Gloria photographed the light and space at her weekly physical therapy appointments that she continued to attend during the pandemic.

The sunset taken from Gloria's terrace, 2020.

The sun coming through the blinds, 2020.

The light and shadow projected on the walls of Gloria's apartment, 2020. 

A nighttime landscape from Gloria's terrace, 2020.

Light coming through the curtains, 2020.

The only window photograph not taken from Gloria's home. This was at a physical therapy appointment that she needed to attend weekly during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Green curtains, 2020.

The sun rising above the clouds, 2020.

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