Elaine joined the Bronx Senior Photo League classes at Castle Hill Senior Center in October 2019. Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Elaine was not able to continue the remote photography classes online and over the phone. The photos below were taken before COVID-19 hit New York City. Elaine's photographs show her taking care of her grandchildren and documenting street art in the Bronx. 

A mural in The Bronx, 2019.

Elaine watching her grandson playing with a racetrack, 2019.

Photographing family, 2019.

Photographs of Elaine's grandchildren making a gingerbread house, 2019.

A shadow self portrait of Elaine with her grandson, 2019.

Elaine's grandson on the slide. Before COVID-19 pandemic, she picked him up from school, 2019.

Street art in The Bronx, 2019.

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