My name is Deborah LeDeatte. I’m from The Bronx, NY. I am a Zumba instructor, a mother of two and grandmother of one. My mom, daughter and her family also live in The Bronx. All of my other family live in different states. My hobbies are jogging, and Zumba. I have a newfound love for photography as of 2019. I find myself taking pictures of different scenarios that before wouldn't hold my attention. During this pandemic, photography has kept my mind off of all the chaos in the world. 

I am looking forward to returning to Castle Hill Center, and being in public spaces. Traveling is something I do every year, but was unable to do that this year. I am also looking forward to family gatherings, and most of all feeling safe.

First sunrise of quarantine. Spring of 2020.

“Trouble doesn’t always last.”

 Zumba classes on pause. Senior Center is closed until further notice. 

Light in a COVID-19 Pandemic.

Sunrise 80 (80th day of quarantine).

Exploring my identity while isolating during quarantine. 

Virtual Zumba “The show must go on.”

Quarantine jogging at 7am.

Special occasion left over (baby’s breath).

The night I lost 3 friends due to COVID-19.

Beauty surrounded by darkness.

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