I moved to the Bronx from Puerto Rico in 1972. I raised 4 kids, whom I am deeply proud of, and have 8 wonderful grandchildren. I am 67 now and enjoy making holiday baskets to sell as well as arts and crafts. My dream is to have a little business doing party planning. I like to be me and not being like anyone else. I was brought up that way by my mother, to be different and unique.

I like to photograph candid portraits, my home, and decorations. I have been doing photography for many years because it brings back memories, those beautiful moments you don’t want to forget.

I think COVID-19 has to do with the Lord. It is a call for us, as a people, to get closer and stop prejudice. I have learned that not everybody cares for each other, and people have lost respect for the Lord. During this difficult time, I have been keeping myself busy cooking and enjoying my free time. I have learned what being alone is. This time has taught me that if you have loved ones you should value them; tomorrow is not promised. I am grateful to be here, as the Lord really wants me to be here. I would like the world to know how much I care for everybody, especially my kids.


Living room in my home, Bronx, New York, 2019. 

Vintage photo of myself, Bronx, New York.

Living room in my home, Bronx, New York, 2019. 

Living room in my home, Bronx, New York, 2019. 

View from my window on a rainy day. Bronx, New York, 2020.

Christmas gift for my son for good luck. New York, 2019.

Window view at my children's house during Christmas. New York, 2020.

Backyard shed at my child's house. New York, 2020. 

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