In 2001, I made the tough decision to leave my home in Riobamba, Ecuador and move to the U.S. in search for a better future for my family. Through my church community, I took English classes on Sundays and noticed that my classmates did not know how to read or write, so I started teaching Spanish grammar and literature in quite basic conditions in the church’s basement. I am 64 now and currently a home attendant. I have also been a volunteer at St. Jerome H.A.N.D.S. Community Center for 14 years.

I take photos because it is the story of my life, something that I am experiencing in that moment. It makes me happy taking photos and sending them to my two children in Ecuador. Photography has taken me to new places all over the world and helped me to be more mindful and present each day. My favorite aspect about the pictures I take is the feelings behind them.

I try to keep a positive attitude in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. I have had the opportunity to talk more with my family and friends, cheering them up when they feel sad or anxious. I am so grateful to be healthy and happy, always smiling to life. Something I want the world to know about me is that I appreciate simplicity in life, and my most valuable treasures are my children and my passion for teaching. 


Full moon from the 14th floor. Bronx, New York, April 2020.

Heinrich Heine Fountain with bird on the head. New York, April 2020,

Beautiful sunrise from my window. Bronx, New York, May 2020.

“Mi rinconcito de oración” My little prayer spot during this pandemic. Maria Auxiliadora virgin is very special to me because she has given me company since I worked in Ecuador 18 years ago as an educator. Bronx, New York May 2020.

Recycled jewelry for my friends. Bronx, New York, May 2020.

My shadow is surrounded by nature at Joyce Kilmer Park. Bronx, New York, May 2020.


During the COVID-19 global pandemic, students documented their experience with physical distancing and self-quarantine. As we had no access to their cameras, they used their mobile phones to capture the constant changes they faced, both positive and negative.

6:30 am on my way to work. Only the bus driver and myself on this early morning, which made me feel safe. Bronx, New York, 2020.

Safety products for the pandemic from Mitchel Senior Center. Bronx, New York, 2020.

 Visiting Mitchel Senior Center with Ninfa. Bronx, New York, 2020.

Pope Francis giving mass during Holy Week. Bronx, New York, 2020.

Magdalena, 89 years old. I take care of her during the weekends. New York, 2020. 

Video call with Maria Auxiliadora and Magdalena on Mother's day, toasting to life. Bronx, New York, 2020.

Mariachi tribute during COVID-19. Bronx, New York, 2020.

Helicopter passes overhead at night during a Black Lives Matter protest. Bronx, New York, 2020.

Police during a Black Lives Matter protest. Bronx, New York, 2020.

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